Where to begin… a Preface

On the eve of starting a new job, with the encouragement of a friend, here we hesitantly, waveringly begin a new project.  An outdated podcast of a discernment ministry plays in the background, the coffee is now cold, the writer remains in the very fluffy dressing gown, and it’s still raining (in the lovely city that once was B—–, that is not surprising).  I am not sure whether blogging is for me, as, while *I* find my own ideas entertaining, I also know full well that I am both ignorant and prone to silliness & complaining (whinging!), and thus have little to offer the blogosphere.  Perhaps it would be best, then, to chalk this endeavour up to needing a hobby, rather than listeners or readers.  This will be as the tagline suggests–a miscellany of thoughts, gripes (legitimate?), and commentary from a Christian who learns anew day by day just how little she knows.  So don’t say I didn’t warn you, if you’re still reading; I believe that what is worth knowing can be known with certainty, in spite of what some on the Po-Mo spectrum claim.  Nevertheless, I don’t flatter myself that my (hopefully informed) opinions are earth-shattering, worth reading, or in themselves dying to be shared online (“Oh please, please, Ekkles, share me!  I MUST BE LIKED!”).  And while I recognise my own ignorance, I do know something, and I want to speak with wisdom on things that I believe are important.  There is too much, there are too many issues, too much of history, to speak with authority and expertise on everything.  But many things are worth learning about, there are sides that are worth choosing, and grounds that are worth standing on.  I don’t claim to know much about more than a mere few things.  But I do think I’m right, so that’s something.  It would be dishonest, and a disgusting and flabby show of false modesty, for me to say I’m not sure of anything.  I am sure of things; just not sure anyone cares (who am I, after all?  My greatest day-to-day achievements are making edible dinners!).  And with the world as busy as it is, and people so addicted to posting photos of their breakfasts on Facebook, again, I don’t flatter myself that this blog will interest folk.  But that’s all right; my squeaky Canimal Nia will stand by me, and indulge my need to write.  Perhaps it is best now to try to be productive… is Neptune being purposefully diminished in Valerius Flaccus, or has Val just shrunk the cast of the divine machinery for the sake of simplicity?  He could also have been simply lazy, which I refuse to believe!  Finally, the rain has stopped.  Cheers.


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