Tuesday is Gripeday

I. I hate the word ‘broken’ and all its permutations.  Especially ‘brokenness.’

II. Why are intelligent conservative and Christian (and Christian conservative and conservative Christian) bloggers and writers being as lazy as the average youtube poster?  Okay, so I exaggerate.  Nevertheless, I seem to stumble upon more and more silly errors, many of which are no longer mere typos, but mistakes likely indicative of ignorance.  Indeed, there are worse things than writing ‘it’s’ for ‘its’, and not catching it, but one should be editing/proofreading closely enough to be catching most of such things.  But not knowing the difference between ‘broach’ and ‘brooch’, and consistently forgetting the subject’s number (switching from singular to plural or vice versa) by the end of a sentence, is another level.  I know I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar; but are not the people about whose writing I’m griping  also proponents of objective standards, in intellectual life as well as in most else?  Perhaps some other time we will talk about issues of ‘style’…


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