Dead Links…

Most mysterious!  I’ve just learned (via Carl Trueman’s post on freedom of the Christian press over at First Thoughts), that the ‘evidence’ on Janet Mefferd’s site (to which I linked on my previous post) regarding the alleged plagiarism by Mark Driscoll has mysteriously disappeared.  Rev. Trueman makes an interesting connection, even if it’s only in passing, between this debacle and The Great Evangelical Cover-up.  Namely, Ergun Caner’s suit against a minister for having posted a video of Caner speaking (as one with authority) to a group of marines…  At any rate, his article is well worth the read (the word ‘sinister’ features, and I believe it apt).  And (H/T once again Carl Trueman), here you may find the RNS article from 27 November, with updates, as well as images of the scans originally provided by Janet Mefferd, but of course, now removed from her site.  This should be frightening to anyone who cares about accountability.

On the Caner cover-up, after all these years, anything that happens now is blood under the bridge, but it is interesting to note his new appointment was supposedly ‘because of the controversy’ which has been chasing him (or rather, which he’s shackled to himself).  “Strange,” as Gordon Ramsay would say.  At any rate, both of James White’s last two podcasts have featured updates on the ongoing scandal; Tuesday’s program opens with comments on Caner’s election to the presidency of a Baptist college in Georgia, and Wednesday’s is devoted solely to the ‘saga’.

Closing with a quote from Trueman’s ‘mini-post‘ on Ref21: “Is there anybody left so naive as to believe that the Ubermenschen don’t run the evangelical show?”

Cheers!  20 days ’til Christmas…




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