More griping.

Was looking at cat pictures online (as so many of us do), and thinking cynically (and judgily) about how stupid some of these poor animals’ names are.  Then I stumble upon a cat named Severus, and think, “Oh wow, this person knows obscure emperors!”  And then I remembered that Severus is the first name of Snape in the Harry Potter books.  What a let-down.


2 thoughts on “More griping.

  1. Emily Tuttle says:

    Had a similar experience when I commented on a girl’s fake, just-for-fun glasses. I told her the bird on them looked like a phoenix. She expressed surprise that I’d read Harry Potter.

    • ekklescake says:

      Ludicrous. As if JK Rowling had invented the thing. I’m sorry, but that actually demonstrates a level of illiteracy–to be so unaware of major facets of the Classical mythic tradition…

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