Hiatus continues

I’ve not written anything in a long while, but that’s simply because I’ve been writing; with so much time on my hands, while I look and apply for jobs, it was suggested I be proactive about finishing my book, and mayhaps it will get published, and I can make a bit of living off of it.  At any rate, I have been working hard: averaging a chapter a day, and today I’ve finished 8 (of 12).  123 pages it runs so far.   I shall try to have it done by the end of next week, and then I will look into e-book self-publishing options.  Til then, have to keep chipping away at the raw rock, if that metaphor works.  Perhaps I’ll stick with “letting my creative juices flow.”   It’s been far easier to be focused, and to just sit and write, by not reading much in the way of my old news outlets and blogs.  I miss them a bit now and again, but I can’t get sidetracked or spend too much time worrying about (even important!) things, because I must have something to show for this time.  Incidentally, I’ve also found in the last few days that 45 minutes, or even an hour, can go by very quickly when I’m praying, just as when I’m reading political columns; the big difference is that it feels much more productive.

That said, I will end with something political: I’ve never been a fan of Scarlett Johansson, and I like charity work and shops as well as the next guy, but—SCREW YOU, OXFAM!  I’ll suggest a motto–love some people, ignore most truth.


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