If I have to see one more advert!

I hate the very idea of Hollywood picking up a Biblical narrative simply to capitalize off of it by marketing it to Christians, while in the process thoroughly disrespecting it.  But we oughtn’t to be surprised that they do so!  This new film on Noah was worthy to be detested before anyone even spent the money to see it for themselves; there are resources out there, people who preview things, and can give us the scoop on whether the filmmakers have even bothered to stay true to the text, much less treated the people in it fairly.  When I read what the artists of the film industry did to a righteous man, I was determined not to fork over any dough in support of such disgusting misrepresentation.  Hopefully most Christians will know better, and scoff, when they see this portrait of Noah (like, he wasn’t clueless about God’s plan for repopulating the earth, and he didn’t contemplate infanticide of his grandchild).  Anyone unfamiliar with the account in Genesis may very well go out thinking, ‘Wow, why would God choose that kook?’  Thanks a lot, Hollywood.

And so, why is townhall.com running a pop-up trailer for this film?  The big posters on secular bus shelters, well, those I try to avoid spitting on.  But why, oh why, Townhall?  You think this film is great for Christians, or conservatives generally?  Do your homework, please.  This film is a farce.

Update:  Of course, I didn’t delude myself into thinking I was the only person ‘talking’ about this.  Alan Kurschner wrote a piece or three (h/t Alpha & Omega Ministries).


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