That Scandalous Administration

First adjective used by Polish friend to describe President Obama: weak.

But that’s not all.  This administration has been plagued by scandals since, what, month 1?  Well, I suppose all his broken or unkept campaign promises (from 2008 & 2012) could count as scandalous, but we’ll deal with things here one by one.  This little list will include things that happened on his watch of which he should have been aware, things that can be argued have happened because of the culture he’s created and encouraged in Washington, and things he’s instigated or personally signed off on.  We’ll also throw in some of Obama’s, and his administration’s, biggest gaffes for good measure.  They’re listed chronologically.  Because, hey, it’s all embarrassing!  This isn’t exhaustive, I’m sure–I’ve already realized the list is missing important things like the sub-prime mortgage fiasco…


1. The nomination of radicals to high admin positions, and even to the ‘post’ of ‘czar’ including such ideologues as Arne Duncan (Secretary of Education), Van Jones (‘Green Czar’), etc. [ongoing].

2. Classless gifts given in exchange for thoughtful, classy ones to foreign diplomats (yes, it includes that iPod preloaded with his speeches that was given to Queen Elizabeth II.  She’d have been better off listening to her own past Christmas addresses).  [2009] These and other British gaffes mentioned here.

3. Hugging the aforementioned Queen while bowing to ‘royal’ despots. [2009; repeatedly]

4. President Obama’s hasty condemnation and insulting of the police force of Cambridge, Mass. [2009]

5. Government Motors, expansion of food stamp programs, Obamaphones, and growth of the Leviathan and the culture of dependency in general.


6. The Keystone Pipeline [ongoing].

7. IRS targets and harasses Tea Party and other conservative non-profit groups applying for tax exempt status. [began in 2010; story broke in Spring 2013]

8. Operation Fast & Furious.  [Border agent Brian Terry killed December 2010; investigation ongoing, when people aren’t being smeared or shut up] …and held-in-contempt Eric Holder and his corrupt DOJ.

9. The Summer of Recovery talking point. [2010]

10. Occupy Wall Street. [2010-11?]


11. Illegal Immigration, the DREAM act, the amnesty mess. [ongoing; 2011 for the DREAM Act]

12. Solyndra.  [story broke Autumn 2011]

13. The ‘Arab Spring’.  [US bombs Libya, secretly supports Islamists who topple Gaddafi, Spring 2011; Obama supports rise of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, August 2012;  ‘Red line’ speech regarding use of chemical weapons in Syrian civil war, August 2012]


14. The sexually indiscreet secret service debacle in Colombia. [2012] (This and two other SS scandals described here.)

15. Obama’s inappropriate eagerness to pipe up about the Trayvon Martin case; at best, unpresidential and irresponsible (surprise, surprise!), at worst, race-baiting worthy of Al Sharpton. [Spring 2012]

16. Benghazi: the false video narrative, the arrest of the guy who made the video, the Susan Rice talking points, the ‘What difference does it make?!’ attitude.  And the election 2012 coverup of findings of Benghazi investigation. [September 2012; investigation sort of ongoing.  But we all know he’s going to get away with it.]

17. President Obama’s blatant disregard for the consciences of people of faith (especially when it comes to contraception, abortion, and marriage for homosexuals).

18. President Obama’s flip-flopping on the meaning of marriage, and criticism of people holding his own position expressed in 2008 and before. [Summer 2012]


19. WWII vets prevented from visiting memorials during so-called government shutdown. [Summer 2013]

20. President Obama’s anti-Israel policies. [2013; ongoing]

21. OBAMACARE.  Its length (a number for which I can’t find; how to count it seems to be controversial–telling in itself? but Pelosi’s remark should be informative enough), its forced and hasty passage, its consequences so far.  And its website that’s so bad that the vast majority would rather simply walk into Mordor. [ongoing; passed in 2010; first implementation with website nightmare in late 2013: that’s right, long after the election]

22. Implementation of Common Core. [2013, ongoing]


23. Constant campaigning, and overexposure.  Such that Michelle even has to appear on Animal Planet and spoil the Puppy Bowl for viewers less than interested in her ‘Let’s Move’ pet project.  So annoying.  [February 2014]

24. Michelle Obama’s state occasion gowns (one bought for $12,000) …., while she insists that we all have to tighten our belts and suffer together. [February 2014]

25. Amount of money (where the real difference between Obama and his predecessors lies) spent by the administration on vacations for the President and his family, who sometimes travel without him.

26.  Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’ pet project, and school lunches overhaul.  More 1984 interference and busybody government failure. [2013, 2014, cont…]

27. Bullying of Cliven Bundy in Nevada by BLM. [April 2014] (Dr. Ben Carson notes here that it is ironic that the government goes out of its way to get on people like Bundy, while refusing to secure the border)

28. Secretary of State John Kerry’s anti-Israel rhetoric. [April 2014]

29. Obama’s abject incompetence and inability to keep up with Putin in the Crimea/Ukraine crisis [2014, ongoing].

30. The imperially sanctioned terrorism practiced by the EPA on purely ideological grounds. [ongoing]

31. The VA scandal. [story broke Spring 2014]

And most recently…

32. Obama’s commencement address to the graduates of West Point. [May 2014]

33. FIVE high-ranking Taliban Gitmo detainees traded for ONE American soldier touted as a hero who may have been a deserter, a fact that the administration likely knew (and the Afghans don’t like it!). [May/June 2014]