Obama is not a ‘closet Muslim’

I’m no fan of the guy, but this is empty rhetoric.  It’s patently untrue, and it’s an insult to Muslims.  Certainly the man is unwilling to oppose radical Islam as is necessary and critical, but that doesn’t make him a Muslim.  It just makes him a likely sympathizer, and we already know that he likes terrorists, and they don’t have to be Islamo-fascists (Bill Ayers, for one, is not a Muslim).  When I go onto my favorite conservative news site and see all the dopey comment about how we’ve got a ‘closet Muslim in the White House’, I can’t help but remark:

‘The President certainly behaves as though he were a terrorist sympathizer, but calling him a Muslim is like insisting on Nancy Pelosi’s counting as a good Roman Catholic.  They stand for the moral degradation traditional Christianity and moral Islam opposes, and therefore also embody the decadence radical Islam hates about the West.  We need to stop calling Obama a Muslim–the objects of his religious fervor are liberalism and himself.’

Again, if Obama were a Muslim, he’s a very bad one, or at least a very liberal one–how many practicing, informed Muslims who take their faith seriously, would jump into the sack with the gay rights movement?  But we all know how discerning people are when it comes to the spectrum of religious conviction and commitment.  Like Nancy Pelosi, so many supposedly Roman Catholic, virulent anti-lifers still haven’t been excommunicated by Mother Church, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t very bad Catholics, and we should not accept them as representative, nor even half-way serious.  It’s an insult to Catholics who actually adhere to the Church’s teaching on the whole range of issues on which Liberals stand opposite it and them.