I am the Alarm

I am the Alarm

I sound for, sound to

The people of the Living God

Sound out a clarion call to arms

Like the watchman on the ramparts

Atop the tower perceives

The flame from the beacon

The warning light and sign of the

Foe’s advance from afar

Can there be victory without battle

And battle met without sight of the enemy?

I am the alarm

I sound to arms

But not to arms only

I sound to psalms, to praise

To the honor of the Lord

That His soldiers would rise

To their calling

To take up their swords and

Renew their allegiance—

That they put trust in His name and

Strong right arm.  It is He

Who renews.

I am the alarm

I sound to wake the drowsy

I sound to galvanize

the little of faith

and the faint of heart

I sound to reprove the unsober of mind

To strike the ears of the unlistening

To raise the eye, raise the heart

To draw out a cry for revival in time,

while there is time.

I am the alarm

I sound the reminder

Of His holy faithfulness of the past

Short memories to prick and distracted purposes to

Pull up like unruly horses.

I sound the ring of pure truth

Tangible and touchable, graspable

Which for so long they’ve held at arms’ length

I am the alarm

I sound, I sound,

His voice, all His word is in me

I sound from the watchtower

To stir them from sleep

Faces heavenward first, and then quick!

To the gates!

I am the alarm

I sound in the Spirit

I am heard in the Spirit

Will they hear the sounding

Of the alarm?

Am I open or closed?

Am I read, am I heard?

I am the alarm—I’ve sounded through

Millennia, through generations past.

Through the mouths of the prophets

Through the pens of the saints

I am the alarm, and shall I remain shut?


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