Gavel in the Gaze

The bright blossom of my enthusiastic conviction

Wilted under what you might call friendly fire.

How can there be confidence

In the face of such incredulous stares?

‘It’s nothing personal’, and yet there is something

So terrible, shaking in a brother’s cool skepticism.

I just want to share my heart… but…

How else to take ‘You sound like a fool’

How else to file ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’

How else to interpret ‘I don’t want to know’?

Cold it is, and lonely too

Just ask, or listen—or both.

That blank stare cuts to the quick!

Show that you love me by having some faith—

Hear me out!

It’s all I want, and it’s just what you need—

Admit you’re curious—

I’ll tell you what this word meant,

Explain how this felt—

I need you to meet me halfway.

The Lord has stretched out His hand;

Reach up with me

Here, I’ll hold this one—you raise the other high.

My words shouldn’t be strange, my tale shouldn’t seem tall

You should know His voice too.

It’s sometimes so frightening

To look into the faces of friends

The judgment and the censure

Are so much harder to bear.

8 & 13 May 2015


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