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From our co-contributor:

A fill-in-the-blank section, where you get to play Maury (just pretend you’re at the local laundromat and network TV is tuned to Fox):

When it comes to [age] [name of child], [name of potential parent] you ARE [NOT] the father!

Some samples from contributors:

When it comes to 6-month-old DeLusion, A.–you ARE the father!

When it comes to 8-month-old Enablement, 22–you ARE the father!

When it comes to 18-month-old Charity, 13–you ARE NOT the father!

Put your contribution in a comment, and Pithy may post it here for all to admire.

Logic and other lessons from a judge who probably should be on the Supreme Court (but isn’t, for all you college students out there):











‘If it doesn’t make sense it’s not true!’

‘If you tell the truth, you don’t have to have a good memory.’

‘Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.’


This just in.

Church isn’t about you

or your feelings.

I’m a big fan…

It’s not about discovering your inner champion,

your Best Life Now,

Though such a focus can get you an awful lot of members.

or your purpose.

Though it sells an awful lot of books.

It’s not about learning the secrets to ‘success’…

financial, spiritual, or otherwise,











nor about learning tricks for getting God to do what you want.

It isn’t about jumping on the bandwagons of the most current fad teachings,

Some of us have been wondering if Zondervan’s jumped the shark…

doing book studies on sketchy, subtly doctrine-bending bestsellers,

Interesting endorsement from the author of The Massage…(wait, is anyone still reading this definitive work?)

or emulating semi-celebrity pastors,

Was Pastor Mark ever a consultant on pastorfashion.com?

quaffing the latest therapeutic tripe and pseudo-profundities.

It isn’t about your personal sense of stability or inner peace

or maintaining a social status quo.

Jesus died for the church, so you’d better take it seriously–that means understanding what it is, what it means to be a part of it, and learning how to safeguard its members from declining into worldliness.

It’s gotten so bad that there are some churches who believe themselves mature Christians, and yet, should some unfortunate express an orthodox opinion on a controversial subject, or argue for the relevance of the full counsel of the Word of God, he is met with…

About Pithy:

Pollio ‘Pithy’ DeLaCroix spent his kithood in Quebec, and the formative years of his youth in the American Midwest.  He and ekkles met in September 2010, and have been near-constant companions ever since–except for a fortnight’s separation in January 2015, after Pithy’s over-exuberant ringing in of the New Year led to him sleeping late and missing his morning coach.  Due to having neither ID nor money, he was stranded at the Royal Highland until ekkles’ mother-in-law mounted a rescue; at the hotel, Pithy was well-treated and well-fed on potato scones until he was able to journey south.  As an animal, he is not affected by original sin and therefore is incapable of, among other things, betraying a trust.  He lives with ekkles’ family outside of Bristol, UK, and enjoys building projects, gardening, retro music and TV, reading CS Lewis, esp. the Chronicles of Narnia, and Calvin & Hobbes.  He is vegetarian due to health reasons but enjoys craft beers and Spanish reds.